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Gymnospermous pumpkin

Harvesting mechanization

Pumpkin harvesting were executed manually till 1970, sometimes, attepts to create harvesting equipment systems were done.
Now, all harvesting processes are mechanized. At the very beginning, pumpkins should be harvested in a rows which would help combine to collect the maximum yield.

To create a rows, equipment of Austrian company Kropfel is widely used. This is wedge with hydraulic transmission Rollmax. With a help of this wedge You can obtain intense rows with undamaged pumpkin fruits.

In the case, when special equipment for pumpkin rolling is absent, one can make it by itself, but efficiency of rolling can be decreased. Pumpkin rolling wedge is mounted on the front hitch of machine (tractor), and the chopper – on the back part, which grinds pumpkin stems and plants that grew in the vegetation period.
Please note that the grinding process plant remains influences the work of the combine. One can use a different brand grinder, both domestic and foreign production.

When the rows with pumpkins are created, harvesting machine MOTY KE 3000 starts working. It is trailed harvester which is mounted to the tractor. The combine has six outputs for hydraulic hoses, 350 liters oil tank, remote control (to carry out control from driver place), big wheel («hedgehog» type) which used for pumpkin harvesting, shipping tape, cylinder for pumpkin fragmentation & inner cylinder, where separation of seeds from pulp is executed, container for seeds.

Once the tank is filled, the contents poured through the auger into the machine, which can change the inclination angle for the convenience of discharging . The average productivity of the harvester ranges from 15 to 20 ha per day. After the work ends, it is recommended to wash up swab & cylinder, and check the level of oil, clean up an radiator and check all slings.