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Gymnospermous pumpkin

Therapeutic properties

Since Earth’s creation, nature has a rich flora. One of the brightest representatives of flora is unique product of Earth & Sun. It is widely known fruit – pumpkin.

Despite the high breed variety, all pumpkins have the same positive feature - it is difficult to find an analogue with the same wide range of useful properties for the human organism. Even every pumpkin component is useful. Pulp is using as urinative, cholagocic & light purgative. Pumpkin ration is fixed for patients with cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, gastrointestinal diseases, by liver, kidney, bladder diseases is used as contrastimulant … It is very hard to count everything.

Thus, lets make a stop on the main – “heart” of the pumpkin – seeds. Pumpkin seeds are not only able to produce new fruits, but also purifying the body and taking the disease out of organism. Seeds are rich on protein, cellulose, iron, cooper, magnesium, marganese & phosphorous, arginine & glutamine. They consist of calcium, potassium, zinc, selenium, folium, niazin и linoleon. All this substances provide proper work of cardiovascular & immune systems, liver, kidney & gastrointestinal tract, positively influences on metabolism, weight reduction, снижению веса, skin improving, brakes progress of adenoma, prostate gland and decreases risk of prostate cancer appearing. Since olden times it is know that seeds possessed vermifuge & antidiabetic qualities; they are efficient during acne. Pumpkinseeds in a source of selenium, iron, vitamin E, lecithin, kholinium, lutheinium, irreplaceable amine & fatty acids, dietary fibers. All these properties are in absolutely balanced nature kind.

But special glory Pumpkinseeds acquires due to zinc. Zinc role in human organism is difficult to overestimate. New cells does not forms, damaged cells does not restores by zinc absence, thus depression of all immune links takes place. Adults get advanced in age, children & youth stops growth by zinc shortage. Zinc is the main mineral of male health & power. Male needs it at 6-8 times more than females. Zinc influences on activity of germ & prostate glands, normalizes testosterone secretion, which improves potency & uses in preventive aims. Zinc helps pancreas to produce insulin & able to normalize sugar in blood. Surplus weight is also connected with lack of zinc – by its deficit glucose turns into depot fat instead of energy. Zinc is important regulator of nervous system. Recently, science discovers that presence of enough quantity of zinc in human organism – sharply decreases risk of alcoholism development.

Our organism is not able to produce zinc, thus, we can receive this microelement by food only. By the presence of zinc, pumpkin seeds can complete with the best oyster sorts only.

What is the best way to use all positive properties of pumpkin seeds? Clearly established, that this is the most efficient is usage of pumpkin oil, which is made from pumpkin seeds. All positive qualities of seeds are saved, due to concentration – oil is easier to employ. It is recommended to take one spoon of oil every day in preventive aim.

According to scientist research – the most qualitative und useful oil is produced on Austria. Such effect has been reached due to century pumpkin cultivating history oriented at oil producing. Seeds are covered by thin green skin, owing to which has dark green color & thus have medioprophylactic quality.

Nature gives us an opportunity to live in harmony with ones health. Do not ignore this disinterested chance. Lets profit it & become healthy & happy!