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Gymnospermous pumpkin


Gymnospermous pumpkin is rarity in our plants yet. In literature You can find three varieties of this pumpkin: round, orange-beige with a stripes; stretched yellow-green color; third - looks like pub. All of them are thin-barked, pulp is sweet or fresh, easily boiled.

As a rule, pumpkin seed are thin-barked which must be removed in order to eat seeds.

Seeds of gymnosperms pumpkinreally like the "naked" covered only with покрыты лишь тонкой translucent film, which is very useful and containes cellulose.
Gymnosperms pumpkinis not separated & refers to thin-barked pumpkin breed.
pumpkin does not differs from other breed, except that the flowers of it is unusually large.

Care for gymnosperms pumpkin is rha same as for other thin-barked breed. In early cultivatiing, pumpkin is sensitive to weeds, so this process must be controlled.
As far as this pumpkin has large surface of leaves, it places increased demands for humidity, especially in the first half of the vegetation (before the formation of the fruit).
In hot & dry weather, or visa versa, in cold, there may be incomplete pollination of pumpkin . As a result, the fruits of an irregular shape formed.