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Gymnospermous pumpkin

Cultivating conditions

For contract subscribing, contractor must have owned or leased land which is dedicated for cultivating of agricultural products not less than 300 ha (it possible to be lesser area if contractors located nearby).

In accordance with contract, contractor must carry out such works:

Prepering works (autumn period):
-  Disking of lang, which is dedicated for the sowing of Steiermark pumpkin seeds after previous harvest;
-  Autumn land plowing, dedicated to seeds of Steiermark pumpkin sowing with the deepth of 25-27 cm & simultaneous application of the basic fertilizers (phosphorus, potassium);

Main works:
-  Early spring tillage : harrowing with the aim of moisture holding;
-  The application of mineral fertilizers (ammonium nitrate) before cultivation starts;
-  Preplant cultivation of the soil to a depth of seeds sowing on 3 - 4 cm.;
-  Sowing execution with application of mineral fertilizers. The application of mineral fertilizers by type and quantity determines the Contractor under the previous agreement with the customer;
-  Care for sowing: the application of ground herbicide after sowing;
-  Cultivation between rows after the stairs;
-  Feeding micronutrients for growing plants (according to laboratory analysis);
-  At harvest time, assist in the placement and feeding of the working staff of the Customer.

Detailed contract terms are considered individually with each contractor.