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Gymnospermous pumpkin

Cultivating conditions

For contract subscribing, contractor must have owned or leased land which is dedicated for cultivating of agricultural products not less than 300 ha (it possible to be lesser area if contractors located nearby).



Gymnospermous pumpkin is rarity in our plants yet. In literature You can find three varieties of this pumpkin: round, orange-beige with a stripes; stretched yellow-green color; third - looks like pub. All of them are thin-barked, pulp is sweet or fresh, easily boiled.


Therapeutic properties

Since Earth’s creation, nature has a rich flora. One of the brightest representatives of flora is unique product of Earth & Sun. It is widely known fruit – pumpkin.


Harvesting mechanization

Pumpkin harvesting were executed manually till 1970, sometimes, attepts to create harvesting equipment systems were done.
Now, all harvesting processes are mechanized. At the very beginning, pumpkins should be harvested in a rows which would help combine to collect the maximum yield.